PastorHighResRobert A. Pastor  (April 10, 1947 – January 8, 2014) was Professor of International Relations and Founder and Director of the Center for North American Studies and the Center for Democracy and Election Management at American University in Washington, D.C.   He has combined a career in government, non-governmental organizations, and academe.  Dr. Pastor was Director of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs on the National Security Council (1977-81), Consultant to the State and Defense Departments, and was nominated by President Bill Clinton to be Ambassador to Panama.   He was Co-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on North America, and he was a Member and Executive Director of the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker, III. Read more



The North American Idea

“Pastor presses his case with intelligence and good humor, marshaling data to demonstrate that all three nations would be better off adopting cooperative solutions to common problems…His book constitutes a brave master plan, a bright vision to challenge and enlighten future generations.” — Foreign Affairs

“Pastor has done a superb job of bringing these issues to the forefront and raising insightful questions about how far the United States, Canada, and Mexico should integrate themselves. How these questions are answered will help determine the competitiveness of all three countries in the global economy.”–James A. Baker III, 61st U.S. Secretary of State

“Business and boldness led Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A. to come together in NAFTA–for economic reasons. Robert Pastor argues that our continent is much more than just an economy. He spells out both the logic, and the logistics, of making much more of the enormous potential of the North American community, while respecting national sovereignty and identity. And he poses the critical question: are we bold enough?”–The Right Honorable Joe Clark, 16th Prime Minister of Canada